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WEBOMETRICS Ranking of World Universities;

    - Top 4,000 Universities,

    - Premier League,

    - Top USA & Canada Universities,

    - Top Latin America Universities

    - Top Europe Universities,

    - Top Asia Universities,

    - Top Arab World Universities,

    - Top Oceania Universities,

    - Top Africa Universities,

Academic Ranking of World Universities by Broad Subject Fields-2008 & Academic Ranking of World Universities 2007, SJTU (Institute of Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

    - Top 500 World Universities, SJTU

    - Top 100 North & Latin American Universities, SJTU

    - Top 100 European Universities, SJTU

    - Top 100 Asia Pacific Universities, SJTU

Universities in Top 100 (First figure in paranthesis refer to Webometrics Ranking, Second Figure to SJTU ARWU Ranking):

Top US Universities in Top100 (68+8): Harvard University (2-1), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1-5), Stanford University (3-2), University of California Berkeley (4-3), Pennsylvania State University (5-43/44), University of Michigan (6-21), California Institute of Technology (40-6), Cornell University (7-12), Columbia University New York (15-7), University of Minnesota (8-33), Princeton University (25-8), University of Wisconsin Madison (9-17), University of Chicago (19-9), University of Texas Austin (10-38), University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (11-26),  Yale University (44-11), University of Pennsylvania (12-15),  University of Washington-Seattle (13-16), University of California Los Angeles (17-13), Carnegie Mellon University (14-60),   University of California San Diego (34-14), Purdue University (16-68),  University of Florida (18-51),  University of California San Francisco (NA-18), Johns Hopkins University (39-19), University of Maryland (20-NA),   University of Arizona (21-74), Texas A&M University (22-91), Georgia Institute of Technology (23-NA),  Michigan State University (27-80), Washington University St Louis (48-28), University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (29-58/59), Northwestern University (89/90-29), Rutgers University (30-47), New York University (31-30/31), Rockefeller University (NA-30/31), Duke University (37-32), Indiana University (33-NA), University of Colorado Boulder (38-34), University of Southern California (35-50), University of California Santa Barbara (58-35), North Carolina State University (36-NA),  University of Maryland-Coll Park (NA-37), University of Texas Southwestern Med Center (NA-39/40), University of Pittsburgh (41-49), Vanderbilt University (NA-41), University of California Davis (46-43/44), University of California Irvine (63-45), University of Virginia (45-NA),   University of Georgia (52-NA), Florida State University (54/55-NA), University of Utah (56-93), University of Iowa (57-97/98),  Arizona State University (60-96), Ohio State University (96-61), Oregon State University (61-NA), Iowa State University (62-NA),  University of Nebraska Lincoln (67-NA), George Mason University (68-NA), Brown University (NA-70), University of Oregon (71-NA), State University of New York Buffalo (73-NA), Brigham Young University (74-NA), University of Rochester (78-75), University of Missouri Columbia (76-NA),  Case Western Reserve University (NA-78), Boston University (79-NA), University of Delaware (80-NA), University of Tennessee Knoxville (81-83/85), Rice University (91-87/89), University of California Santa Cruz (87-NA),   Indiana University Bloomington (NA-90), Washington State University Pullman (94-NA), University of Massachusetts Amherst (97-NA), University of New Mexico (98-NA), University of Connecticut (99-NA)     

Top UK Universities in Top100 (5+7): University of Cambridge (26-4), University of  Oxford (47-10), Imperial College London (NA-23/24),  University College London (64-25), University of Manchester (NA-48), University of Edinburgh (66-53/55),  University of Bristol (NA-62), University of Sheffield (NA-72), University of Nottingham (NA-81), University of Glasgow (82-NA), King's College London (NA-83/85), University of Birmingham (NA-92)

Top Canada Universities in Top100 (8+1):  University of Toronto (28-23/24), University of British Columbia (49-36), University of Calgary (50-NA), University of Alberta (59-NA), McGill University (86-63),  Simon Fraser University (69-NA), Universite de Montreal (72-NA), University of Waterloo Ontario (85-NA), McMaster University (NA-87/89)

Top Japanese Universities in Top100 (2+4): University of Tokyo (54/55-20), Kyoto University (89/90-22), Osaka University (NA-67), Tohoku University (NA-76/77), Nagoya University (NA-94/95), Tokyo Institute of Technology (NA-99/100)

Top French Universities in Top100 (0+3): University Paris 06 (NA-39/40), University  Paris 11 (NA-52), Ecole Normale Super Paris (NA-83/85)

Top Swiss Universities in Top100 (3+2): Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (32-27), University of  Zurich (NA-58/59), University of Basel (NA-82), Universite de Geneve (83-NA), Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne (100-NA)

Top Dutch Universities in Top100 (2+1): Utrecht University (65-42), University Leiden (NA-71), University of Amsterdam (84-NA)

Top Australian Universities in Top100 (1+1): Australian National University (42/43-57), University of Melbourne (NA-79)

Top Finnish University in Top100 (1): University of Helsinki (42/43-73)

Top Danish University in Top100: University of Copenhagen  (NA-46)

Top Mexican University in Top 100 (1): Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (51-NA)

Top Swedish Universities in Top100 (3+3): Karolinska Institute Stockholm (NA-53/55), Uppsala University (88-66), Royal Institute of Technology (75-NA), Stockholm University (NA-86), Linkoping University (93-NA), Lund University (NA-97/98)

Top German Universities in Top100 (0+6): University of Munich (NA-53/55), Technical University of Munich (NA-56), University of Heidelberg (NA-65), University of Goettingen (NA-87/89), University of Freiburg (NA-94/95), University Bonn (NA-99/100)

Top Norwegian Universities in Top100 (2): University of Oslo (53-69), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (92-NA)

Top Israeli University in Top100: Hebrew University Jerusalem (NA-64)

Top University of ROC (Republic of China) in Top 100 (1): National Taiwan University (70-NA)

Top Russian University in Top100: Moscow State University (NA-76/77)

Top Austrian University in Top100 (1): Universitat Wien (University of Vienna) (77-NA)

Top Italian University in Top100 (1): Universita di Bologna (95-NA)




''College and University Rankings'' - WIKIPEDIA

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Education, OECD






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